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How to use a custom home screen on Amazon Fire (No root or PC).

Are you tired of the stock home screen on Amazon Fire devices? In this post you will learn how to change the launcher of your device, making it feel like a true Android device. And it can be done easily without needing a PC or root access!

How to do it:

1. Head to device settings > "Security and Privacy", and find the "Unknown sources" toggle. Turn it on.

2. Download Launcher Hijack on your device from this link. It will download a .APK file (Note: This is a cracked version of the app which bypasses the block Amazon have put on the original Launcher Hijack. Read more about that here).

3. Open the .APK file when downloaded. You will be taken to the package installer. Click the "Install" button to install the program. Note: You may see "Can't open file" if trying to open from the Silk Browser. To resolve this, use the "Docs" app. Go to "Local Storage" tab, then find the "Download" folder. You will be able to install it from there. Warning: Do not open the application yet.

4. Now you need to install a custom launcher that you will use. We recommend Nova Launcher. If you have Google Play installed (Read: How to install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire 5th gen), you can download it (or any other launcher of your choice) from there. If you don't have Google Play Store installed, you can download Nova Launcher .APK from APK Mirror (or another website of your choice).

5. When the launcher is installed (and not before!), you need to activate it. Go to device settings > "Accessibility" and scroll down to "Services". Now select "To detect home button press", and you'll be presented with a toggle. Enable the toggle.

6. Now, when you press the home button, you will be taken into Launcher Hijack and asked to select a launcher. Select the launcher you installed from the list that appears. This will immediately take effect, and when you press the home button, you will be greeted with your launcher (may need to complete initial setup, as shown here).

NOTE: You may briefly see the Amazon Fire launcher for less than a second before your custom launcher loads. This is just part of the hack and cannot be avoided. Other than that, the hack is complete! Enjoy your stock Android tablet!


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