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How to block ads in Android apps (no root)

Almost all commercial apps for Android have ads of some sort laying inside them. Some of them are subtle, others pop up on the screen every few minutes. If, like us, you are sick of ads slowing down your life, this post will show you how to block them from your apps without needing root access!

How to do it:

1) Download Lucky Patcher from this link, and save it to your phone. Select "Yes" if shown "this type of file can harm your device".

2) If this is your first time installing an app from the internet, you will be shown a warning that the installation was blocked. If so, follow the link to settings from the warning and enable the unknown sources toggle.

3) Proceed with the installation of Lucky Patcher, and launch when finished.

4) Ignore all messages that appear on the first run of Lucky Patcher. Click on the app you wish to remove ads from and press "Menu of patches"

5) Select "Create Modified APK File", then select "APK without Google Ads".

6) Leave all options as they are at this screen, then select "Rebuild The App". You'll need to wait while the patch is applied.

7) Select "Browse" to go to the location of the modified app. Now, while leaving this screen open in the background, you must uninstall the original app. Trying to install the modded APK over the top of the existing application will not work. Now, when the app is uninstalled, head back to this screen and select "Install".

8) That's it! You have now removed ads from the Android app, enjoy your clean experience! Please note that not all apps work with this method, some apps simply refuse to run or even open when modified. If this is the case, you'll need to uninstall the mod and reinstall the original from Google Play.


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